RTT Tutorials


This section is still under construction. The content of the exercises is also available directly through the GitHub repository.

Basic tutorials

In these tutorials you will be introduced to the concept of a Component, and how to use it. You will learn how your application logic is executed, how to configure a component, how components interact with each other, and how to deploy them.

These tutorials assume you have a working installation of Orocos, if not follow the installation instructions from Installation options (you do not need ROS for these basic tutorials, allthough installing Orocos together with ROS is the easiest way to get going, and is the recommended way to do it if you plan on integrating your Orocos components with ROS).

The source code for these tutorials can be found on GitHub. They are phrased as exercises there, without much explanation. If you already went through the Orocos Component Builders Manual it may be more useful to try them that way.

Other examples:

Advanced examples

Extra examples and tutorials listed at Examples and tutorials: