Source code


The code base of the Orocos project is open and distributed over multiple repositories.

  • Orocos toolchain: A metapackage that describes the dependencies of Orocos core components.

  • RTT: The core Real Time Toolchain.

  • OCL: The Orocos Component Library that provides basic components to deploy an application based on Orocos components.

  • Log4Cpp: Log4Cpp versioned for Orocos.

Additional libraries

The libraries developed to complement the Orocos project are also distributed openly and can be found through the following links.

  • KDL: an application independent framework for modeling and computation of kinematic chains.

  • BFL: an application independent framework for inference in Dynamic Bayesian Networks, i.e., recursive information processing and estimation algorithms based on Bayes’ rule.

  • rFSM: a small and powerful statechart implementation in Lua. Main author’s version.

Ros integration

The next additional bundles integrates Orocos concepts into the ROS ecosystem.